All About the Xbox One S

Microsoft has been developing video games that kids can use at home that are branded as Xbox one series. They have recently developed a new xbox series popularly known as the xbox one s which is yet to be released. The new model is a bit slimmer compared to the previous box promising its customer’s more delight. The “S” in the new box indicate that the of the new model is smaller in all the directions, The new model is almost 40% smaller compared to the original Xbox. The box can stand on a horizontal position resembling the playstation.This xbox model will have an internal storage of 500GB which can be extended up to 3.0GB.The new box would be controlled wirelessly which will make it very comfortable and comes with a variety of ranges. This article will provide details about the new model ,including the pro and cons plus the reason why Xbox one s will be worthy the money after its release later in the month.

Benefits of the New Xbox One S

There are so many benefits that are brought about by the new xbox model as compared to the previous old box as discussed below;

Thew model is more powerful as compared to the older one as processing power is boosted to include HDR gaming.The box supports visuals for games unlike the old box.It has a playback media that is compatible.The new xbox has a high graphical capabilities as compared to the original box. The box has a hard drive of 2TB which allows it to have space where new games can be stored. The price of the box will be affordable and it will be available online on Amazon. Game and ShopTo.The price will be around 349 pounds, which is cheaper compared to other games that are available online. The owners of the old xbox can upgrade them to enjoy the added features Xbox one s.

Release Date, Price, and Where to Buy

Many customers have been anxiously waiting for the release date of this video game, without knowing that Microsoft released the xbox one S on 2rd august this year.This was earlier announced by Microsoft that they intended to release the xbox one s alongside project scorpion box on the same day.The new model of xbox are available for sale in the United kingdom where they were first released.

Why Buy Xbox One S

Customers are advised to buy the Xbox one S if:

  • They have a 4K TV
  • Despite being a machine game ,it is also a powerhouse media.It supports live streaming from Amazon ,Netflix.They also play the blu-rays.
  • Likes adequate storage
  • The box has one of the largest drives which has a storage capacity of 2TB

Customers are advised not to buy this box if:

  • They want a a console which, is more powerful as they will be releasing a console that will be more powerful.
  • If they have a personal computer with more than 10 games
  • If they have a computer then there is no need of them having the xbox one s as they can use the computer to play games